Pawel Trzmiel (DJ POL born in 19.09.1986) is living in Warsaw, he is perfectly comfortable mixing wide array of genres across different decades: 80s, to 90s in new modern House versions, to most contemporary hits. He has made numerous appearances in the following clubs:

"Antidotum" Leszno, (Resident until 2008) "Bank" Warszawa, "Platinium Club&Restaurant" Warszawa "Opera Club" Warszawa "Ekwador" Manieczki "Heaven" Leszno, "Protector" Dobramysl, "Power Night" Wschowa, "X-demon" Leszno (DJ Contest), "Malibu" Racot, "Performa" Rawicz, "Cocoa" Gostyń, "Iguana" Śrem, "Efez Music Bar" Leszno,
BOOKING: 609 657 476 / EMAIL